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Saving Energy in Your West Texas Home: Tips for Everything From the HVAC System to Lighting

A home is comprised of many integrated systems that provide comfort services, including conditioned air, lighting and hot water. While these all consume energy, there are some products that work to prevent energy losses, such as attic insulation and air sealing materials. If you're concerned about saving energy in your West Texas home, use these helpful tips to minimize unnecessary energy consumption and improve your whole-home performance.

Weatherization Tips That Can Protect Your West Texas Home From Wasted Energy

If you haven't weatherized your home, you're wasting money. Weatherization is a big topic that requires careful attention, indoors and out. Some weatherization efforts are to keep out drafts, while others will pay off by preventing solar gain in the summer. Others will help keep conditioned air inside the home no matter the season, where it can do the most good.

Conservation and Efficiency: 2 Important Aspects of Saving Energy in Your Home

Everyone likes to save energy through the heating months, but some of the sacrifices necessary to save energy can be uncomfortable. With many of the advances in home efficiency technologies today, however, you can have the best of both savings and comfort in your West Texas home through a strategy of energy conservation and energy efficiency.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your West Texas Home With These Projects

Your hard-working furnace, heat pump and A/C systems heat and cool airflow for the home. They do not, however, have any say-so whether the conditioned airflow is efficiently utilized or wasted through the home's envelope. If you would like to reduce your heating and cooling bills, consider these home improvement projects for energy efficiency and greater home comfort.

Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With the Right Improvement Projects

Improving the energy efficiency of your home can pay off in multiple ways for a West Texas homeowner. Here's a brief guide to residential energy efficiency and how it can be increased, along with suggestions for several home improvement projects for energy efficiency. By following these guidelines and implementing the home improvement projects for energy efficiency, you'll boost home comfort levels, save money and reduce the stress on your local energy grid.

5 Ways You May Be Able to Minimize Your West Texas Water Heating Bills

Whether you're showering off the West Texas summer dust, warming up on a cool winter night, or just running a load of dishes through the dishwasher, water from your home's water heater plays a central role in your day-to-day comfort. But it also plays a central role in your energy bills. A water heater can account for about 20 percent of the total energy cost of your home. Finding ways to reduce water heating bills can improve your financial health and happiness.

Seal Up That Garage Nice and Tight With These Insulation Tips

In hot and dry West Texas, it's not just your house that can overheat if not thoroughly weatherized. Your garage, too, can become excessively hot. Those high temperatures can damage the items you have in storage, especially if you're storing items in your garage attic.

Energy-Saving Tips to Add to Your Arsenal This Fall to Keep Your West Texas Home Comfy

Fall has finally arrived and now it's time to start saving money. Of course, you don't want to sacrifice your comfort level, which is why we've compiled a list of energy-saving tips to make it even easier:

How to Optimize Energy Savings With a Programmable Thermostat

While old-school manual thermostats allow you to increase or decrease indoor heating and cooling as desired, they're little more than on/off switches for your furnace or air conditioner. As such, they may allow the system to produce more heating or cooling than necessary. This can reduce efficiency and increase costs by causing the HVAC system to run at its highest level for longer periods, even when unneeded. A manual thermostat requires a vigilant homeowner to constantly adjust it up or down in order to achieve a comfortable home with energy savings.

Home Energy Assessment: Why You Need One

It's easy to read about energy efficiency tips and tricks, but implementing them may be disappointing if your utility bills don't drop. Although you may want to achieve electric bill savings with minimal costs, it is important to recognize that some steps may produce more dramatic results than others. In some cases, there will be proportional costs to implement those steps. For example, a high-efficiency AC unit could dramatically reduce cooling costs. However, the expense of a new system may not be in your current budget. With a home energy assessment, you can proceed with energy efficiency measures based on scientific information.

15 Cheap Tips for Helping Your AC Cool Better

You don't have to spend a fortune to give your AC a boost. Read on for some cheap ways to save on cooling costs.

5 Ways To Cut Your Cooling Costs

Don't accept high energy bill as a given. There are steps you can take to save on cooling costs.

How Ceiling Fans Can Save You Summer Energy Dollars

Believe it or not, a simple fan can save you a lot.

What Are Degree Days and How Do They Impact Your West Texas Home?

Gain a better handle on your energy consumption by understanding degree days and how they impact your heating and cooling usage.

Zoning Systems Offer a Greater Level of Temp Control for Texas Homeowners

Gain more control over indoor comfort and utility bills by considering a zoning system.

Sealing Air Leaks Goes a Long Way Toward Maximizing Your HVAC System’s Hard Work

There’s no point letting cooled or heated air escape outdoors through air leaks. Taking some time to seal those leaks could save you a bundle.

Energy Efficiency Is Best Attained Through a Whole-House

When it’s time to make a home more energy efficient, it pays to look at the big picture.

Programmable Thermostats: An Easy Way to Maximize Savings While Staying Comfy

Programmable thermostats provide a better way to maintain indoor temperatures and comfort. Find out more about these advanced devices.

Choosing a HVAC Contractor? Find One That's Insured, Bonded and Licensed

It can be tempting to cut corners and costs, but hiring a reputable pro could save you in the long run. Find out why it’s important to hire a contractor that’s licensed, bonded and insured.

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