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NATE Certification: Why It’s Worth the Effort to Find an HVAC Tech With This Designation

In every industry, there are those professionals who stand out among all others—and they are the people you want on your team. In the legal profession, you want to have attorneys representing you who are called Super Lawyers. In the National Football League, you want players on your team who are called All Pros. In the heating and cooling industry, the best of the best are NATE certified.

Why Replacing Air Filters Is So Important

Looking at an air filter for a furnace or air conditioner, it doesn't seem like it's something to be too concerned about. Usually square or rectangular and an inch or so thick with a cardboard frame containing a fiberglass material or some sort of pleated cloth, there's nothing interesting or exciting about an HVAC system air filter. Despite their modest appearance, however, air filters are actually extremely important components of forced-air home heating and cooling systems. Here's a brief overview of the function and features of air filters and why replacing or cleaning them regularly is so important to HVAC system operation.

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