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Take Time This Spring to Ensure Your Home’s HVAC System Is Maintained and Operating Properly

As West Texas prepares itself for spring and the scorching summer to come, many homeowners will benefit from taking the time to get their HVAC systems in top shape. Making sure your HVAC system is at peak efficiency will save you money during the cooling season, as well as head off any costly and time-consuming repairs. Here's what to focus on as springtime nears.

Change the Air Filter

The HVAC system's air filter catches dust and other airborne particulates as they circulate through your home, preventing them from entering the HVAC system and causing problems. As the filter catches more and more of these particles, though, it begins to clog up and obstruct airflow. That's bad news for your system's fan: its motor has to work overtime to push air and may not deliver all the air it needs to in order to keep your house cool. Change the air filter monthly for optimum system health and feel free to make one of those changes a part of your spring HVAC maintenance.

Seal Air Ducts, as Well as Your Home

If you've got your air conditioner running, you don't want the conditioned air to escape into the outside world or to leak into crawl spaces and other places where it won't do any good. The average American home loses up to 20 percent of its heating and cooling energy to these air leaks, and that doesn't just impact your wallet. Your home comfort can suffer, too. Seal air leaks in the ducts and around windows, doors and other problem areas. If you've sealed them before in previous seasons, inspect them to make sure no new leaks have developed.

Insulate Ducts and Pipes

Even if ducts aren't leaking, they can still take on heat energy and deliver warmed air to your rooms. Plumbing can also suffer from heat transfer, though the major problem there is hot water pipes shedding heat into your home. Insulate ducts and pipes to make sure the air coming out of your vents is cool and the hot water from your tap is hot – the way it should be.

Clean the A/C Coils

Your home's A/C can't work as effectively if its coils are dirty, because the dust insulates the system from the air it's supposed to cool and the outdoor air where it exhausts its heat. Make sure to clean off conditioner coils before you turn on the A/C so the HVAC system starts off the season in optimal shape.

You should also take the time to make sure the outdoor unit is clear of any obstructions – overgrowth, piles of yard equipment and other things that block airflow can make it harder for your air conditioner to properly cool your home.

Replace Ailing Equipment

If your equipment is more than a decade old, if it's causing more than its fair share of maintenance calls, or if you've done a lot of work to make your home more energy-efficient recently, you may want to consult a West Texas HVAC contractor to see if upgrading your system makes sense for you. In some cases, advances in HVAC systems mean that a newer unit will be more efficient and better for your household comfort than an old one, even when the old one is in good repair. Ask your local HVAC expert if there are any tax credits or incentives to help you upgrade your home.

Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

Having your HVAC system looked over by a professional is a good thing to do every year, and scheduling it for the change of the seasons is a perfect time to do it. A professional will be able to spot anything you've missed and make recommendations on how best to prepare your home for the dog days of summer. They can also spot anything that might lead to trouble down the road and help you get it fixed before you're facing a dead A/C when the thermostat soars.

Learn more about Texas Air Comfort's HVAC system options or call 866-984-8552 to schedule your annual HVAC system maintenance.

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