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Affordable Ways to Improve the Air You Breathe

Improving indoor air can ease allergy symptomsImproving the quality of the air you breathe isn't just for show; it has a significant impact on your quality of life. With good, clean air in your home, you'll be breathing easier every day. Conversely, if indoor air quality is allowed to slip, you'll face aggravated allergy symptoms and other respiratory issues. Fortunately, it's possible to promote good air quality in your home without breaking the bank. Here are a few affordable ways to do just that.

Indoor Air Testing

Before you can start taking steps to improve the quality of air in your home, you'll need to understand any existing air quality issues. A professional home air check will assess the quality of air in your home and let you know about any significant risk factors. Your air quality tester will recommend ways to improve the air you breathe, ranging from changing behaviors to actually investing in indoor air quality systems.

Air Purifiers and Cleaners

One simple way to improve the air in your house is to directly remove pollutants that lower indoor air quality. Air cleaners and air purifiers filter the air in your home automatically, cleaning out dust, debris, bacteria and other contaminating substances. The upshot is that you'll be breathing cleaner, healthier air.


Sometimes, improving indoor air quality is as simple as opening a window to let in some fresh air. During the cooling season, though, you can't have a window open and run your air conditioner at the same time. An energy recovery ventilator will work with your air conditioner to exchange your stale indoor air for fresh, clean outdoor air without sacrificing cooling power. You'll no longer have to choose between staying cool and breathing easily.


Having a good level of humidity in the air is a big part of indoor air quality. If the air in your house is too dry, investing in a humidifier will make it easier for every resident to breathe, especially those with asthma or allergies. As a bonus, humidifiers also extend the lifespan of your wooden furniture.

AC Maintenance

Some of the biggest contributors to indoor air quality are the systems that blow air directly into your home. If you keep your air conditioners clean and well-maintained, the air that passes through them will be clean as well, and a big part of that maintenance is air filter replacement or cleaning. Reusable filters should be washed with water and allowed to air dry completely before being put back into the air conditioner. If your unit uses disposable filters, get your replacements from a factory authorized dealer, not a hardware store, to ensure that they're made to fit.

At Texas Air Comfort, we're committed to helping Texas residents breathe easily, and we specialize in connecting homeowners with their local indoor air quality experts. Our online tools will make it easy to find a terrific HVAC contractor who can provide all the products and services you need to improve the air you breathe, all at a price you can afford.

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