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What Kind of AC Thermostat Do You Need?

If you've heard about the potential improvement in energy efficiency that can be obtained with the installation of advanced AC thermostats, then you may be wondering what your best options are. There are many choices in programmable thermostat configurations, and your selection may depend on your budget, your existing equipment and your comfort with issues such as programming. Following are some of the choices you will want to consider as you endeavor to improve management of your thermostat settings.

Basic Programmable Thermostat Choices

There are several configurations available for those who need to update their AC thermostats. Your weekly schedule may be the most important consideration so that you can program as efficiently as possible. Examples include:

  • Every day the same - if you prefer to keep your input on a programmable device to a minimum, this is ideal. You can make the settings the same for every day of the week while only inputting the details one time. This is also a suitable choice for those who may be in their retirement years or who work from home. If every day's activities are consistent, there is no need for more complicated programming.
  • Weekday-weekend models - you can select a unit with separate programming for weekends so that you can account for later waking times and more at-home activity than during your work week. Weekend programming can include both Saturday and Sunday the same in a 5-2 model or different Saturday and Sunday settings in a 5-1-1 model.
  • Every day different - if your schedule can vary greatly during the week, you may be better served by a model that allows independent settings for every day.

High-Tech AC Thermostats

With the digital age in full swing, a wireless thermostat may provide you with the greatest precision in controlling your home comfort and energy usage. You may find that you enjoy the ability to upload programming with an SD card. You may prefer to make adjustments from your smartphone or computer. The convenience is such that you can even make adjustments from the next room, remotely accessing your unit and changing thermostat settings on a hot night or chilly morning without having to get out of bed. You can also access this type of system from the office or while you are away on vacation. Needless to say, it's easy to become a little spoiled with such a unit. More importantly, you can improve your home's energy efficiency through the generation of usage reports.

Some AC systems are designed to coordinate with smart thermostats that also manage related indoor air quality conditions. With these units, you can be alerted if an air filter change is warranted. Humidifiers and related equipment can be activated as indoor relative humidity moves out of the recommended range. Multi-speed fans can be used to enhance dehumidification when moisture levels rise but temperature conditions don't require full-force cooling activity.

Expert Insight

A Texas Air Comfort specialist can help you with the latest options in wireless comfort control solutions. Our professionals can provide models that meet your needs in terms of access and that address your comfort with technology management. We will be happy to refer you to an HVAC expert in your community.

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