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Stinky AC Odors? How to Fix Them

Have you noticed an odd smell in your home when the air conditioning is switched on? There are plenty of reasons for stinky odors in your cooling system, and the key to getting rid of the smell is determining the source of the problem to find the appropriate solution.

The Most Common Source of Air Conditioning Odors

The best place to start when you are searching for the source of air conditioning odors is the condensate tray. Mold and dirt may become trapped in the condensate tray in your air conditioning system. Clogged drains in your system can allow these contaminates to build up, and a collection of contaminates will lead to those foul odors that you notice throughout your home.

If you discover that the problem is related to debris in your condensate tray, you will have to determine how this issue occurred. Drains can be unclogged to ensure that water does not build up in the tray. Drainage may also be negatively impacted if the condensate tray is uneven, so check to make sure that the tray is level to remedy any drainage issues. Keep an eye on the tray to determine whether these solutions are working.

Keeping Out Common Smells

Smells that are sourced from pollutants can circulate through your home when you fail to use air purifiers. While purifiers provide the benefit of keeping smells at bay, there are other reasons to invest in these devices. An air cleaner boosts indoor air quality to protect the health of your family.

Regular duct cleaning also works to keep smells from circulating into your home. Dirt and dust may build up in your ducts over time. The air that is forced through clogged ducts picks up debris and bacteria before being circulated throughout your home.

The Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance may seem like one more expense to add to your household budget, but there are plenty of reasons to opt for this service.

  • Cleaning tasks that are part of the maintenance process keep harmful pollutants out of your system. Mold or mildew that may be causing your home to smell can be detected during maintenance.
  • Smoky smells are often related to smoke that gets caught in the coil of an air conditioner. Technicians can determine whether this is the issue when smoke smells are noticed in a home. Coils can be replaced if this is the source of foul odors.

Professional Air Conditioning Services

You do not have to live with the smell of a poorly-maintained air conditioner. Texas Air Comfort can connect you with an experienced contractor. You can schedule an appointment for air conditioning maintenance after finding an HVAC professional in Texas.

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