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Professional Air Conditioning Installation: Why It’s a Must

In today's budget-conscious world, many homeowners are looking to take care of jobs around the house themselves in order to save money. While DIY is great for a number of home improvement tasks, in the world of HVAC, it's actually more cost-effective to go to a professional. Getting your new air conditioner professionally installed will help you save money and avoid frustrating issues down the road. A new air conditioner is an investment in the future of your home, and the only way to make that investment is to go to a professional you can trust.

Proper Sizing

One of the most common causes of air conditioning issues is improper sizing. An air conditioner is meant to handle a certain cooling load, and when the load is either too big or too small, problems ensue. Over-sizing leads to constant cycling on and off, which wastes power and causes uncomfortable temperature changes. An undersized system, meanwhile, will endure extra wear and tear as it struggles to beat the Texas heat.

The way to avoid all of these issues is to have your air conditioner professionally sized. In a professional load calculation, your technician will account for square footage, layout, insulation and other factors, then help you choose an air conditioner that precisely fits your home and its cooling load. Proper sizing will ensure that your air conditioner fits your home like a glove, and you'll feel the difference on your skin and see it on your utility bills.

Compliance With Regulations

Setting up a central air conditioner is a bit more complex than just getting an appliance out of the box and plugging it in. There are federal, state and local building codes to take into account along with the manufacturer's specifications, and those standards are there for a reason. Installation professionals know those standards and know how to make every system they install meet or exceed them. Conversely, an improperly installed air conditioner will run less efficiently, is more likely to run into future maintenance issues and may even need replacement within just a few years.

Long-Term Protection

Getting your air conditioner professionally installed is the only way to ensure that it will have warranty coverage throughout its useful lifespan. A good contractor's warranty should cover the cost of future AC repairs, which means you'll save plenty if your air conditioner runs into trouble down the road. Failing to get your new system under warranty is taking a huge, unnecessary risk.

Energy Efficiency

The most important reason to have your air conditioner professionally installed is its future performance and efficiency. AC professionals know how to make sure that every system they install is properly positioned and ready to provide top-quality cooling. You'll see the difference on your utility bills every month, and in time, those utility savings alone should more than offset the cost of installation.

To make the most of your new air conditioner, you'll need to find a top-notch installation professional to get it up and running in your home. Fortunately, our online tools will make your search a snap. We'll be happy to help you connect with a local AC expert who can assess your home's cooling needs and install the right air conditioner to meet those needs.

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