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Fixes for Uneven Cooling in a Home

Your living room may be completely comfortable throughout the day, but you end up tossing and turning in the heat of your bedroom at night. If you have noticed that only some rooms in your home stay cool when your air conditioning is turned on, it is important to determine the source of the issue. Finding the source of uneven cooling lets you determine which tips for AC efficiency will allow you to keep the temperature in your home comfortable in the summer months.

Sources of Uneven Cooling

While it is possible that your air conditioning system is in need of replacement, uneven cooling is usually caused by issues that can be repaired without requiring such a large investment.

  • Blocked vents may prevent air from circulating into some of the rooms in your home. Checking the vents for debris is an easy way to ensure that this problem is not causing your issue. Consider cleaning out the vents while you are inspecting them for improved air flow.
  • Ducts that are leaking cool air prevent conditioned air from reaching certain areas of your home. Sealants may be used to remedy this problem.
  • Your home must be properly insulated to keep cool air inside. Inadequate insulation in your attic could be source of your uneven cooling problems.

Solutions for Uneven Cooling

The goal that you should be trying to achieve when searching for a solution for uneven cooling is balanced airflow. There are two main solutions to your uneven cooling problems.

  • Zoned cooling only keeps certain rooms in your home cool. This is a great way to save money while ensuring the rooms you use most often are kept comfortable. Dampers may be installed in the ducts of your cooling system to prevent conditioned air from getting into rooms that are not being used. Another option is to have a separate thermostat in each zone of your home to control the air flow to these areas.
  • Find out why certain rooms in your home are not getting cool by searching for the underlying problem. Repair services will be needed to remedy the issue, and it may be possible that your air conditioning system is in need of replacement.

Professional Solutions for Cooling Issues

An HVAC contractor can help you determine why your cooling system is not working properly in order to fix the problem and keep your entire home evenly cooled. Texas Air Comfort helps you connect with experienced technicians in your area. AC troubleshooting services target uneven cooling issues. Zoned cooling systems can be installed by the professionals found through Texas Air Comfort, or you can opt to have the source of the problem repaired to make your air conditioning system more efficient.

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