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Benefits of Extreme

Evolution Extreme

Evolution Extreme

Indoor Comfort You Can Rely On

Precision Comfort & Efficiency-
Each Evolution Extreme outdoor unit works with the Evolution thermostat inside your home for unmatched control of your indoor air comfort. “Intelligent” monitors within the Extreme heat pump system automatically adjust settings to deliver precision temperature and humidity control while also maximizing energy management.

Continuous Comfort-
Bryant’s Evolution Extreme’s compressor operates with longer run times to provide quiet, smooth operating comfort. Designed for use with Puron refrigerant, which does not contribute to ozone depletion like some refrigerants, it should provide years of environmentally sound, energy-efficient performance.

Extra Quiet Operation-
The Evolution Extreme heat pump operates within a range of sound levels between 58dBA in cooling mode and as low as 62dBA in heating mode, which is equivalent to the sound of conversation in a restaurant or large office.

Extreme Protection-
The Evolution Extreme heat pump pushes the boundaries of what electric heating is capable of. This achievement required building the heat pump with high-quality components and state of the art electronics. Bryant also put the heat pump through rigorous testing in the harshest conditions to make sure the Evolution Extreme had the durability to perform year after year.

Peace of Mind-
Several critical system functions are monitored by the Evolution Connex control, which adjust operations to maximize performance and system reliability. With built-in protection features and Bryant quality testing, you can be confident with your comfort.

Extreme Efficiency-
With up to 13HSPF the Evolution Extreme can comfortably heat your home even when temperatures dip into the teens. That’s over 20 degrees colder than standard heat pumps can perform. All while maintain its cost-effective efficiency.

On the flip side, the Evolution Extreme heat pump delivers up to 20.5 – SEER cooling, which rivals many of the top air conditioners. Plus, homeowners can enjoy extreme dehumidification, which can help save more on energy since you can set the thermostat higher when humidity levels are lower.

Extreme Payback-
Whether it’s heating or cooling season, the Evolution Extreme heat pump starts to pay for itself from the get-go. And as a year-round solution, this unit is saving money around the clock. You will see the difference in your energy bills, especially if you are going from a furnace system to an all-electric system. Because the difference between the cost to heat with gas or oil versus the cost to heat with electricity can be pretty wide.