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Home Heating Services

It's important for you to be comfortable in your own home. Whether you use a furnace, boiler or heat pump, your home's heating system is responsible for keeping you warm on even the coldest days. Like many homeowners, you may be considering replacing an older, inefficient heating system with a new, energy-saving solution. Perhaps you're happy with your current heating system but need maintenance or repair work performed. No matter your heating needs, it's important that you work with qualified HVAC professionals who can provide you with sound guidance and reliable service.

Meeting Your Home Heating Needs

Your home's heating system is responsible for creating pleasantly warmed air to be pumped throughout your house via central heating ducts or individual air handlers. Like most homeowners, you likely use your heating system on a regular basis throughout the late fall and winter. Working with a licensed HVAC dealer is the best way to ensure that your heating system is in tip-top shape. Of course, a factory-authorized dealer can also provide you with the best guidance when it comes time to buy a new heating system or unit.

Heating Installation

Thanks to significant advances in technology, today's homeowners can choose from a wide variety of energy-efficient heating systems for their homes. If you're shopping for a new heating unit, remember to keep potential energy savings in mind. You'll be able to find cost-saving appliances that work with both traditional, central air systems and newer, ductless systems. Remember that having your new heating system professionally installed is the best way to ensure that it operates as it was designed from day one.

Heating Services and Maintenance

Your furnace or boiler is a precision piece of machinery. Much like your car, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that your heating system provides efficient, reliable service. While you may be able to complete some maintenance tasks on your own, it's important that you ask a reliable technician to complete a system evaluation and perform comprehensive maintenance at least once a year prior to the heating season. During your maintenance appointment, your technician will do all of the following:

  • Inspect your heating system and check all wiring and fuel lines.
  • Clean all furnace or boiler components.
  • Lubricate the blower, blower motor and fans.
  • Clean or replace the air filter.
  • Adjust the pilot light as necessary.
  • Calibrate the furnace or boiler to provide for peak performance.

Heat Pump Service and Installation

Many homeowners now choose heat pumps to handle their heating and cooling needs. These energy-efficient devices work by transferring cool air out of your home during the winter and pumping warmed air back inside. This process is reversed during the summer to remove warm air from your home and replace it with cool air. As with a furnace or boiler, regular heat pump service helps to lengthen your system's operating life and increase its reliability.

Heating Repair and Replacement

Dealing with a heating system breakdown can be extremely frustrating. Perhaps you know what's wrong with your system but don't have the time or know-how to fix it yourself. Maybe your heater quit working out of the blue and you haven't been able to diagnose the problem. Your professional, NATE-certified technician will quickly assess the problem and repair or replace your heating system.

Working with Heating Services Experts

At Texas Air Comfort, we specialize in connecting qualified heating dealers and technicians with residential and commercial customers throughout the Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, San Angelo and Austin areas. We'll help you find a reliable, factory-authorized HVAC dealer in your area who can provide for all of your heating needs.