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Texas Trivia and Fun Facts

Texas is the second-most-populated state, behind California. It is also the biggest state out of the 48 mainland states. The biggest city in Texas is Houston. Some other popular cities include Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio.


Fresh Air Activities for Outdoor Enthusiasts

According to the latest statistics by the American Heart Association, there are approximately 155 million adult Americans who are either obese or overweight. One way to improve physical fitness and one's health is to get outdoors and become more active. The number and variety of things to do when outdoors are plentiful, and there are often activities for people of all fitness levels.


Air in Outer Space

Have you ever watched a cartoon or a movie where people wind up floating through space in funny situations? The truth is that being caught in space is not funny at all, and it can be extremely dangerous as well. Outer space is the seemingly endless void that surrounds the Earth and all of the other planets of our solar system.


Harnessing the Power of Heat with Steam Engines

Steam engines ushered in the Industrial Revolution and paved the way for groundbreaking advances throughout the 18th century. A steam engine uses steam, a form of heat energy, to do mechanical work. Man has used steam engines for everything from locomotives and boiler systems to powering factories, ships, and automobiles.


The Air's Oxygen Cycle For Kids

All living things need oxygen to live, including plants. A scientific process called the oxygen cycle is how this important element travels through the world we live in, providing air for us to breathe. Both animals and plants play an important role in this cycle.


The Dust Bowl & The Era of Arid Air

In U.S. History, there have been major events and phenomena that have had a great impact on history and the course of the nation. Some of these events have been the result of nature, while others have been caused by mankind. Additionally, there are some occurrences that can claim both nature and humanity as reasons for their existence.


Air Pollution Resource Guide

Air pollution is a problem that has now spread worldwide. This type of pollution consists of a mix of harmful gases, chemicals, and particles that get into the air. Oxygen is essential for all life on Earth, so air pollution is a serious problem with dire consequences.