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Contractors in Texas

The largest state in the contiguous U.S., Texas is known for its endless expanses of land, friendly residents and larger-than-life attitude. Visitors and residents alike will find that this diverse state offers plenty of attractions and entertainment opportunities. Known as the Lone Star State, it is the perfect retreat for individuals and families who want to enjoy classic hospitality and serious adventure.

Geography and History

In pre-Columbian times, the Lone Star State was home to many different indigenous peoples. The ancestors of these groups are spread throughout present-day Mexico and the American plains. In the early 16th century, Spanish explorers began to travel throughout the area. The area was claimed by the French, Spanish and Mexican governments prior to being annexed as a state in 1845. After the Civil War, Texans struggled for several decades before enjoying the stable economic and social conditions that have reigned in the state ever since.

The Lone Star State shares an international border with Mexico to the south and is bounded by four other states. Much of the area is made up of long, flat plateaus and the open expanses typical of the American plains. The Rio Grande and Colorado Rivers both run through the state, allowing for fertile growing conditions in southern agricultural areas. Visitors and residents alike will find that the state's Gulf Coast offers particularly enchanting relaxation and recreation opportunities.

Lone Star Residents

On the whole, the state boasts some 26 million residents. Texans are a diverse group of people with residents hailing from all around the nation and the globe. A large Hispanic population can be found throughout the state thanks to its historical connections with Mexico and its geographic proximity to Latin America. Texans are known for being lively, hospitable folks with serious state pride. Many young residents attend state universities such as UT Austin or private universities such as Baylor.

Weather and Climate Conditions

Thanks to its geographic location, the Lone Star State enjoys seasonal climate variation. In some areas, winters are quite chilly and residents rely on heating contractors to keep them warm in their own homes. Warm summers are prevalent throughout most of the state. Humidity levels can be quite high in the gulf area.

Attractions, Diversions and Culture

Visitors and residents will find a wide variety of entertainment and recreation opportunities no matter where they travel in this grand state. Those who love the outdoors can visit beautiful Big Bend National Park and take in sweeping vistas. Visits to Corpus Christi and the gulf area provide great recreation opportunities for those individuals who are interested in fishing and spending time at the beach. Of course, the state is home to many professional sports teams and visitors will be able to catch a game no matter the time of year.

History buffs also enjoy exploring the Lone Star State. The capitol building in Austin and the nearby Bullock State History Museum offer a glimpse into the state's past and future. Visitors can also learn more about Mexican and Spanish colonial history at the Alamo or celebrate our nation's space program with a visit to the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Robert Madden Industries in TX

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