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San Angelo, TX Contractors


Although the area that would later become San Angelo did briefly serve as the site of a 17th-century Spanish mission led by the famous Juan de Salas, the city itself wasn't founded until the 1860s. Initially a fortified military outpost from which soldiers and explorers ventured into the sparsely populated reaches of West Texas, San Angelo slowly grew into a diversified regional hub. The discovery of oil to the west of the city sparked an initial migration boom, and the establishment of a stockyard attracted several big railroads. During the middle of the 20th century, San Angelo continued to grow into an educational hub and now serves as the "control city" for a wide area of west-central Texas.


San Angelo sits just to the west of the geographical center of Texas. Surrounded by cotton and wheat fields as well as ranch land, it sits near the edge of the state's "non-irrigated zone." As such, it often experiences brush fires and droughts. During periods of normal rainfall, nearby O.C. Fisher Lake serves as a popular fishing and boating destination. To the north, a rugged network of hills and valleys offers scenic views and plenty of shooting opportunities during the area's various hunting seasons.

Population and Demographics

As of the most recent U.S. Census count, San Angelo was home to just under 100,000 people. Although the surrounding area houses several thousand more people, the city doesn't have any proper "suburbs." However, its population is quite diverse. Thanks to the presence of Angelo State University, San Angelo is also home to nearly 10,000 undergrad and postgraduate students. Its diversified economy also attracts a fair number of out-of-state transplants to work in industries like telecommunications and livestock processing.

Things to Do in San Angelo, Texas

As the economic center of a wide swathe of central and western Texas, San Angelo has plenty of sights to see. The recently opened San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts contains one of the most comprehensive collections of modern art in West Texas, and the San Angelo Civic Ballet puts on a well-received "Nutcracker" performance every year. Meanwhile, the city is home to two minor league sports teams: the San Angelo Colts baseball team and the San Angelo Bandits indoor football club. Meanwhile, nearby Lake Nasworthy hosts a sprawling nature center that features a stunning display of the region's native flora and fauna.

Climate and Weather

San Angelo is known for its brutally hot summers. Due to its central location within Texas, the city experiences the searing dry heat that's characteristic of the state's western fringes as well as the humid, sticky heat that plagues its eastern half. In a typical year, residents can expect to experience triple-digit highs on 15 or more days. Between November and March, San Angelo may also experience occasional blasts of cold that can damage fragile plants and cause numerous problems in poorly insulated homes. Fortunately, the city's population can count on reliable HVAC contractors to attend to its heating and cooling needs.

Air Conditioning Contractors in San Angelo TX

Robert Madden Industries has served San Angelo and the rest of West Texas with distinction for over 30 years. With a dedicated, experienced staff of technicians, the company is capable of handling the toughest HVAC repair and installation jobs on short notice. Business owners use Robert Madden for its top-notch new-construction installation services and ongoing commercial HVAC maintenance programs. Residential customers appreciate the company's 24-hour service guarantee as well as its deep stockpile of factory-authorized equipment. Robert Madden's expert air conditioning and heating contractors are happy to perform large and small jobs, including coil replacements, condenser repairs, duct cleanings, main unit troubleshooting and filter replacements.

Robert Madden is also committed to providing its commercial customers with an extra level of service. In addition to pre-arranged maintenance plans, scheduled service agreements and 24-hour emergency assistance, the company also offers a range of new and aftermarket products. Robert Madden has a comprehensive selection of factory-authorized units and products as well as a closeout section that's stocked with old or used equipment. Meanwhile, its equipment delivery services are designed to provide outlying commercial customers with the same great service as in-town clients. San Angelo residents and business owners are truly fortunate to have a heating and air conditioning ally like Robert Madden Industries.