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Odessa, TX Contractors


Founded in the late 1800s as a West Texas hub for cattle processing and shipping, Odessa avoided the boom-and-bust economic cycles that made life difficult in so many other High Plains towns. With the early 20th-century discovery of oil in the nearby Permian Basin, the city's fortunes became even brighter. Unlike most other American cities, Odessa's economy actually exploded during World War II thanks to increased demand from military units. Since the war, Odessa has matured into a West Texas cultural hub. Along with its nearby sister city of Midland, it serves as the trade hub for a huge area of West Texas and southeastern New Mexico.


Despite its location on busy Interstate 20, Odessa is one of the most geographically isolated cities in Texas. Although Midland is just 15 miles to the northeast, Odessa is surrounded by flat to rolling scrubland that features a population density of less than three people per square mile. Indeed, it's about four hours by road from the major metropolitan area of El Paso-Ciudad Juarez. Meanwhile, Dallas-Fort Worth is more than five hours away by car. The Davis Mountains and the Guadalupe Mountains are both more than 100 miles away by air.

Population and Demographics

As of the most recent census count, Odessa has a population of roughly 100,000. It's just slightly smaller than its "twin" city of Midland and houses more than 20 percent of the entire region's population. Thanks to the booming local economy, Odessa is home to a number of transplants from other parts of the country. As the home base of three institutions of higher education, it also has a sizable student population.

Things to Do in Odessa, Texas

Despite its isolated location, Odessa has plenty of attractions, cultural institutions, and unusual points of interest. For starters, the city boasts the unique Presidential Museum and Leadership Library, a museum that's filled with presidential memorabilia and historic artifacts. Odessa is also the site of one of the largest Stonehenge replicas in the world. Outside of town, the Odessa Meteor Crater attracts curious tourists with its distinctive shape and incongruous setting. Although the crater isn't as deep as the more famous one in northeastern Arizona, it serves as an important reminder of the power of extraterrestrial impacts.

Climate and Weather

Odessa's location on the semiarid plains of West Texas has a profound influence on its weather. The region's climate is characterized by long, blisteringly hot summers during which weeks can pass without a drop of rain. In fact, Odessa's daytime temperatures routinely top 100 degrees between May and October. Although snowfall is uncommon, winters can feature sudden cold snaps that destroy plants and cause poorly insulated pipes to explode. In such a harsh and unpredictable environment, Odessa's business owners and private residents are fortunate to have a trusted network of HVAC contractors at their disposal.

HVAC Contractors in Odessa TX

For over 30 years, Robert Madden Industries has provided the Odessa area with a range of air conditioning and heating services. As one of the largest air conditioning contractors in the southern United States, Robert Madden tackles new-construction installation, commercial and residential HVAC repair, and on-demand or scheduled service jobs with ease. Since many of the company's licensed technicians have been with Robert Madden for years, its customers can rest assured that they're capable of handling coil replacements, duct cleanings, condenser repairs, main unit installation and plenty more. In fact, Robert Madden's technicians are committed to saving their clients time and money by getting the job done right on the first try. Even better, they only use the best factory-authorized replacement parts.

Since HVAC systems don't break down on a nine-to-five schedule, dependable air conditioning and heating contractors have to be available around the clock. Fortunately, Robert Madden's expert technicians are available for 24-hour emergency service calls. From a commercial condenser that won't seem to activate to a residential air conditioning unit that's blowing nothing but hot air, these experts can fix any problem that arises. Of course, Robert Madden also works with its commercial and residential customers to set up scheduled service appointments and ongoing programs of maintenance. It's no wonder that Odessa has trusted Robert Madden Industries for over 30 years.