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Lubbock, TX Contractors


Founded in the mid-1870s, Lubbock derived its somewhat unusual name from a prominent Texas family whose scion was governor at the time of the city's incorporation. Thanks to its strategic location in the world's most productive cotton-growing region, the city quickly grew into a prosperous trade hub. Following the discovery of oil in the Permian Basin region to the south of the city, Lubbock continued to grow through the otherwise lean years of the 1930s and 1940s. This growth accelerated during the economic boom that followed the end of World War II and continues to this day. Recently, Lubbock lost its status as the largest "dry" U.S. city with a 2009 referendum that legalized the sale of alcohol at bars within the city limits.


With an area of over 120 square miles, Lubbock is a sprawling city that features plenty of open spaces and parkland. Situated near the center of the Llano Estacado plain, it sits at around 3,200 feet above sea level. Although the surrounding terrain is generally flat, Ransom Canyon offers some topographical variation to the south and east of the city. To the west, the flat expanse of the Llano Estacado extends for over 100 miles.

Population and Demographics

Lubbock's current population is somewhere north of 220,000. Given the city's size, many of the most densely populated areas in Lubbock County fall within its borders. However, there are about 55,000 people who live in unincorporated areas of the surrounding county. In recent years, Lubbock's ethnic and cultural diversity has increased markedly. Thanks to the presence of Texas Tech University and other important educational hubs, the city also has a significant international component.

Things to Do in Lubbock, Texas

As a college town that's also one of the premier cities of the "Old West," Lubbock offers a tremendous number of cultural and popular attractions. Due to Lubbock's relative geographical isolation, the South Plains Mall attracts shoppers from as far away as Portales, New Mexico. Meanwhile, open-air shopping centers like Kingsgate and the Village offer high-end shopping experiences for students and middle-class locals alike. History buffs who wish to learn about the city's storied past as a cattle town can't miss the National Ranching Heritage Center at Texas Tech. At the ever-popular Silent Wings Museum, veterans and families mingle in front of exhibits about Texas's contributions to the World War II effort.

Climate and Weather

Lubbock's climate is famously variable. Thanks to its aridity and altitude, the city sees wide diurnal temperature swings that often span 40 degrees or more. Despite its southerly latitude, Lubbock also typically sees a few light snowfalls per winter. In fact, winters can be brutal: Nighttime lows have been known to drop below freezing for weeks at a time, and temperatures as low as minus 17 degrees have been recorded. Meanwhile, the city's summers are famous for triple-digit highs and occasional bursts of crippling humidity. In this harsh, changeable environment, Lubbock's residents and business owners need HVAC contractors that can be trusted to handle the toughest heating and cooling jobs.

Robert Madden Industries in Lubbock TX

Robert Madden Industries is Lubbock's clear choice for responsive, high-quality heating and air conditioning service. With over 30 years of experience in the business and about 50 employees with 10 years of service to the company, Robert Madden is capable of tackling a wide range of tough jobs. What's more, the company's expert technicians have deep familiarity with all makes and models of HVAC equipment. From main unit troubleshooting and condenser replacements to new-construction installation, they're comfortable with all of the demands of the HVAC repair and installation business.

As one of the foremost air conditioning contractors in Texas, Robert Madden understands that HVAC issues don't happen on schedule. Accordingly, the company's technicians are equipped to mount prompt responses to emergency service calls on a 24-hour basis. For business owners who need duct cleanings or coil replacements at regular intervals, they're also happy to set up regular maintenance plans. Robert Madden is proud to be Lubbock's source for affordable and professional air conditioning and heating contractors.