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Is a Zoning System the Right Fit for the Needs of Your West Texas Family?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Are you tired of paying more than you think you should on heating and cooling bills? You can save significantly and boost home comfort at the same time if you utilize zoning. Learn more about zoning systems and decide if your West Texas family could benefit from having one installed in your home.

How Zoning Systems Work

In the average home, every room is heated and cooled the same, regardless of how many people are home, what rooms are being used, and how the needs of individual rooms vary across the home. It's not a very efficient or comfortable way to condition the space, yet it’s the standard method of doing so.

Enter zoning systems, a smarter way to heat and cool your home. Thanks to multiple thermostats and dampers installed in the ductwork, you can customize the way your home is heated and cooled.

Home Features That Benefit Most From Zoning

If your home has multiple stories, vaulted ceilings or areas of sprawling windows, you could certainly benefit from a zoning system. Homes with an above-garage room, finished basement or attic, loft or sunroom also stand to gain from having zoning incorporated into the HVAC system.

Benefits of Zoning Systems

Increased comfort is a major benefit. With zoning, you can cool the south side and upper story more while cooling the basement less for even temperatures in every room. You can also increase cooling in Dad’s upstairs office while keeping the baby’s room warmer during nap time.

Energy savings also come with zoning systems. By only conditioning the public areas of the home during the day and the bedrooms at night, you can save big on utility costs.

Finally, HVAC equipment runs better and lasts longer when it doesn’t have the strain of heating and cooling the entire home at all times. Less wear and tear means fewer costly repairs and increased system longevity.

To learn more about zoning systems, please contact Texas Air Comfort today. We can help you find a West Texas contractor near you to perform the necessary installation.

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