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Could These Advanced Heat Pump Features Work for You?

Monday, January 05, 2015

A heat pump is a great way to keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer. However, there are more options for heat pumps than you think. You can get a basic model and keep your house comfortable for less energy, or you can look into these advanced heat pump features to maximize comfort and really see some energy savings.

Compressor Options

Regular compressors constantly operate at one speed. However, sometimes you need more heat or cooling than others. Two-speed compressors are able to operate at a reduced speed during milder temperatures to save energy. They're also one of the most useful heat pump features for homes with zoned heating and cooling, providing different temperature levels to different sections of the house.

Another option is a scroll compressor. This consists of two scrolls, one orbiting around the other, continually condensing the refrigerant into smaller spaces. Not only do these tend to have longer life spans than typical piston compressors, but they also provide air that's up to 15 degrees warmer when heating your home.

Motor Speed

Like the compressor, the motor/blower also generally runs at maximum capacity, no matter how much air you actually need. Fortunately, dual-speed or variable-speed motors can regulate airflow, giving you less air during milder temperatures. This reduction in airflow saves energy and reduces cool drafts, as well as being great for noise reduction on the lower speeds.


A desuperheater helps you save money and energy not only on air, but on water as well. When in cooling mode, it takes the excess heat extracted from the air and, instead of wasting it, uses it to supplement the heat from your water heater.

Backup Heating

Many ordinary heat pumps are less effective during extremely cold temperatures. In order to heat your home properly, it needs to switch to electrical power as a backup system. Backup burners, however, allow you to supplement the heat from your heat pump with gas, oil, propane or another energy-saving fuel.

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