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3 Common Explanations for High Energy Bills and What You Can Do to Turn Them Around

Thursday, December 18, 2014

If your heating and cooling bills seem higher than those of your neighbors who live in comparable homes, figuring out why it's happening doesn't have to remain a mystery. Your higher energy bills could have a simple explanation. Here are three easy ways you can reduce energy bills in your West Texas home.

Proper Airflow Is Essential

Check your heating and cooling vents and registers to make sure they aren't blocked by carpet, furniture, drapes, boxes or toys. If the conditioned air can't get into a room, of course, the room will be colder (or warmer) than you want it. In addition to the problem in the particular room, if your central HVAC system can't serve the areas in your room that it's designed to serve, overall airflow can get thrown out of balance, leading to inefficient operation. In addition, air flowing through ducts that can't get delivered to a particular room often will force open seams in the ductwork itself.

Is Your Thermostat Installed Correctly?

If a thermostat is attached to a wall where it gets direct sunlight, it won't kick on as quickly while heating as it will if properly installed on an interior wall. Similarly, a single thermostat that's expected to regulate the temperatures throughout a home shouldn't be installed in a spot that's significantly warmer or cooler than your main living areas. This is why in most single-thermostat homes, the device is located in a hallway near the living or family room.

Do You Have the Right Air Filter?

Talk to your trusted HVAC technician about the right HVAC filter for your home. An inexpensive flat-panel fiberglass filter will only minimally clean the air in your home, which defeats one of the main purposes of an air filter. Yet, an overly efficient filter runs the risk of impeding airflow, which can have a number of negative consequences, including higher energy bills.

One great way to reduce energy bills is to schedule annual maintenance on your cooling and heating systems. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance tune-up from with a quality West Texas contractor.

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