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3 Steps to Take Before Upgrading the Heating System in Your West Texas Home

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Is your heating system more than 10 years old? Does it have trouble keeping your home comfortable, yet your energy bills continue to climb? If so, you could benefit from replacing the heater. However, before upgrading a heating system, take the following steps to help save money and stay comfortable for many winters to come after having the replacement installed.

Perform an Energy Audit

Before you spend the money to replace the heating system, find out where you can make improvements in your home. By cutting down on air leaks and boosting insulation, you may tackle the root of the problem and find that your heating equipment actually performs just fine.

Even if you still decide to upgrade the heating system, the improvements may qualify you for a smaller system. This saves you money on the initial investment, as well on energy bills in the months to come.

Find a Qualified Contractor

Whether you decide to have a contractor perform a thorough energy audit or just conduct a DIY version yourself, you still need to find a qualified company to purchase the equipment from. A professional should also perform the installation since this is a vital step for optimal system performance in the seasons to come.

To find a reliable HVAC contractor, ask friends and neighbors, call references, look for qualifying certifications, consider customer testimonials, and make sure the company is licensed, bonded and insured. With a contractor selected, make sure you get estimates in writing and sign a contract before the work begins.

Have Load Calculations Performed

Proper sizing is one of the most important steps to complete before upgrading a heating system. Many variables contribute to ideal equipment size, including square footage, climate, air infiltration rates, insulation levels, home orientation, window layout, internal heat gain and much more. That’s why performing an energy audit and making improvements based on what you find has such an impact on the size of the replacement system.

For help completing these steps before upgrading a heating system, please contact us. We can help you find a West Texas contractor near you.

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