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What is a Carrier Greenspeed?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

You may have heard about Carrier's Greenspeed technology and wonder what it’s all about. You may also be looking for a high-efficiency option in home comfort as you plan ahead for your next heat pump or furnace. The Carrier name represents more than a century of innovation in home comfort control, and Greenspeed is a remarkable option that allows you to enjoy excellent comfort control and manageable utility bills as you explore energy saving ACs, heat pumps and furnaces.

What is Greenspeed Intelligence?

Carrier's top line of equipment is the Infinity series of climate control devices. These include furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners. Additionally, the Infinity line includes high-tech system controls. The most advanced units from the Infinity models of heat pumps and furnaces are capable of Greenspeed Intelligence when paired with a compatible thermostat.

The name says a great deal about the technology. As society focuses on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions, Greenspeed Intelligence allows your equipment to operate at a speed that is appropriate for the conditions at a given time. The intelligence factor reflects the fact that a Greenspeed solution adapts based on current conditions. You don't need to make adjustments or worry about forgetting to change a setting because the system controls monitor and moderate automatically. A Greenspeed system also allows you to incorporate elements such as air purifiers and other indoor air quality components based on your home's unique needs.

Which Greenspeed Solution is Right for My Home?

If you live in a region with mild winter conditions, a heat pump may be perfect for both your heating and cooling needs. The Infinity system with Greenspeed Intelligence offers an HSPF of 13 and a SEER of up to 20.5. In a colder part of the Lone Star State, you may want to pair your heat pump with an Infinity furnace featuring Greenspeed Intelligence. This is also an excellent approach for those who like the affordability of gas heating. The dual fuel approach and Greenspeed technology ensure that the appropriate unit provides household heating based on outside conditions.

Meet with an Expert

Greenspeed Intelligence components are top-of-the-line options in comfort control. While they offer outstanding efficiency levels, they do represent some of the more expensive solutions for a residential HVAC system. Texas Air Comfort can connect you with a contractor in your area who is trained for the installation and service of Carrier's Greenspeed equipment. You can discuss your interest in this technology as you meet, and you can also review additional heating and air conditioning installation options based on your climate, budget and household needs. Contact us today to find a contractor near you.

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