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How Does an Air Purifier Work?

Monday, May 26, 2014

An air purifer can give indoor environments a boostAlthough you may be faithful in changing your air filter during heating and cooling seasons, the reality is that nearly 99 percent of particulates in your home's air supply are so small that they will remain airborne, passing through the filter. Indoor air pollution is considered a public health risk of high priority, according to the EPA. The installation of an air purifier can provide more intensive filtration, helpful for enhancing the quality of the air your household members breathe by removing allergens, mold and other biomaterials.

Function of an Air Purifier

Although a purification unit is similar to an air filter in removing material from circulation, it uses specialized technology for more pronounced results. As particles enter the unit, they are exposed to an electric charge. This process allows the charged particles to be attracted to a media cartridge in which fibers have also been charged. Particles are attracted to oppositely charged fibers, an extremely efficient method of capturing those materials. The electrical environment in which the particles are held allows for weakening of cell walls and inactivation or death of living organisms.

How Efficient Is a Purification Unit?

The efficiency of air purifiers may vary based on the model selected and the technology used. Units for residential environments are available with ratings of up to 99 percent efficiency in the inactivation of specific biomaterials. The filters or media cartridges installed in a purifier require occasional changes, but many can last for months. Air purification can result in multiple cycles per hour for intesive filtration.

Installation of Air Purification Equipment

A purification unit works in tandem with your central HVAC equipment and can be installed in your evaporator unit or in your furnace area. While many consumers consider portable units for cleaning their indoor air, it is important to recognize that a central unit can provide up to 100 times the cleaning power. Maintenance is minimal as unit cleaning isn't required. Cartridge changes can be handled at the same time that your seasonal HVAC maintenance is performed.

Discuss Your Indoor Air Quality with an Expert

If you have been battling indoor pollution issues or struggling with respiratory problems, it may be time to consult with an IAQ specialist. Texas Air Comfort contractors can test your indoor air for specific pollutants, and they can provide personalized solutions based on your home's structure, HVAC equipment and environmental factors. We can help you locate a contractor who serves your community today.

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