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Is Attic Insulation Worth it for West Texas Homeowners?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Increasing attic insulation can save you big on utility bills.There are some homeowners in West Texas who may not find attic insulation a worthy investment. Nevertheless, there are many who've realized the benefits of insulating the attic. According to Energy Star, proper insulation and air sealing can help cut your energy bills by 30 percent while also improving comfort.

When considering attic insulation, you have two options: batt insulation and loose-fill insulation. It's advisable to seal any leaks in the attic before adding insulation in order to ensure better results.

Attic Insulation Slows Heat Movement

When the right amount of insulation is used, you can dramatically improve comfort levels and cut down utility bills during the coldest and hottest seasons of the year. During cold seasons, insulating the attic will help to keep the warm air inside the house instead of allowing it to rise.

Combat Energy Costs

Increasing the level of insulation in your attic has several benefits. You'll be able to cut down your heating and cooling bills as much as 30 percent, which will also help to reduce your dependence on the HVAC system, thus avoiding costly repairs or replacements. In a well insulated home, homeowners will be able to stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

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