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5 Winter Energy-Saving Tips

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

West Texas winters can be cold and dry, and heating your home to a comfortable temperature can send your energy bills soaring to match your July air conditioning costs. Luckily, these high costs leave plenty of room for savings by following a few simple winter energy saving tips. Here are five winter energy saving tips to help cut your budget:

  • Check your fireplace. Heat rises, and an unused fireplace can become a giant vent allowing heat to escape from your home. When you aren't using it, be sure to keep the damper closed, and install and use quality doors in front of it.
  • Use the sun. Even during the winter, the sun provides a tremendous amount of heat energy. Capture this energy and additional heat by simply making sure your blinds are open when windows are receiving sun exposure.
  • Adjust your thermostat. Every additional degree of heating raises your energy bill. Lowering the temperature by one degree for eight hours a day can reduce your heating bill by 1 percent. If you lower the temperature by 10 degrees when you're sleeping or while you're away at work, you can see energy savings of about 10 percent each month.
  • Keep up with maintenance. Heating systems are complex machines and even small, not readily apparent problems can increase your heating costs by several percent per month. Have your heating system regularly inspected and perform recommended repairs to keep it operating at top efficiency.
  • Look for energy leaks. Over time, seals around doors and windows can wear out. If your heating system uses ducts, they may also have leaks. Each leak is essentially pumping the air you just paid to heat outside, so routinely check for heat loss to make sure you're only paying for your comfort.

For more winter energy saving tips or to get started on energy saving solutions, contact us to find a West Texas contractor.

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