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Air Pollution Resource Guide

Air pollution is a problem that has now spread worldwide. This type of pollution consists of a mix of harmful gases, chemicals, and particles that get into the air. Oxygen is essential for all life on Earth, so air pollution is a serious problem with dire consequences. Some of the main sources of air pollution include harmful gases from vehicles, chemicals released into the air by factories, and even dust and pollen. When air is polluted, people have more instances of diseases like asthma and respiratory infections. Some areas of the world have such bad air pollution that people are not allowed to go outside. It is important that we learn how to correct and prevent more air pollution so we all have a cleaner planet to live on and cleaner air to breathe.

What is Air Pollution?

This site explores what air pollution is, what causes it to happen, and what we can do to help make it better.

Clean Air Kids

On this website, kids can explore fun facts about air pollution as well as links to puzzles and games.

Smog City

This interactive site lets you see different scenarios of air pollution, including ozone and particle pollution.

The Air Quality Index Game

Play this fun game to learn more about clean air and something called the air quality index, which measures how clean the air is.

Errand Run

In this game, try to see how much you can get done running errands without causing too much pollution, so you're accomplishing your goals while saving our air.

Planet Polluto

There are several different games and puzzles you can play here all about different kinds of air pollution.

The Clean Air Fortune-Teller Game (PDF)

Print out this cool fortune-teller game to learn more about air pollution. It's designed for two players.

Crucial Crew Air Quality Game

This game explores smog and air quality and pollution and what everyone can do to make better choices when it comes to air pollution.

Air Jeopardy!

This game has the same format as Jeopardy but is dedicated to clues and answers pertaining to air pollution and air quality.

The Clean Air Challenge Game

This interactive game teaches kids to make better choices when it comes to air quality both in the house and outside.

Air & Dust Lesson Plan

This lesson plan for grades K-3 helps students learn more about how dust in the air can affect our breathing and our environment.

Clean Air Detective: Investigating Air Pollution

This is a fun lesson plan where kids can be their own "clean air detective" and try to determine what is causing different types of air pollution.

What's Air Got to Do With It?

This comprehensive lesson plan explores air pollution and its causes and effects and teaches students how to use and understand the air quality index.

Where Does Our Pollution Go?

A lesson plan geared towards older students that can be moderately changed for younger students teaches about the air pollution we create and where it goes.

Breath of Fresh Air

With this lesson plan, students will discover more about air pollution and collect samples of particles found in polluted air for analysis.

Air Quality Education

This page offers several different worksheets and lesson plans about air quality for grade levels five through 12.

Layers of the Atmosphere (PDF)

This lesson plan will help students to get a better visual and understanding of what makes up the different levels in the earth's atmosphere.

It All Adds Up to Cleaner Air

This lesson plan uses food coloring to demonstrate to students how much polluted air affects the environment and what we breathe.

No-Impact Transportation

Students will learn how to choose better methods of transportation and how the things we use every day to get around can negatively impact our air quality.

Indoor Air: What's the Matter?

The air we breathe indoors can also be polluted. This lesson plan explores the different kinds of matter we find inside that can affect our health and well-being.

Environmental Lesson Plan: Air Pollution

Designed for younger students, this lesson plan is an overview of air pollution and demonstrates how essential it is for life.

The Colors of Air Pollution Relay (PDF)

This lesson plan for kindergartners helps students visualize air quality levels and have a better understanding of the importance of cleaner air.

Air Pollution for Kids

This page has a good synopsis explaining what air pollution is, what causes it, and what it can do to our environment.

How You Can Help Prevent Air Pollution

Use this checklist as a guide to help you decide what you and your friends can do to prevent air pollution and protect the ozone layer as well as prevent acid rain and global warming.

Air Pollution Detectives

This site has lots of information and fun things to do to help kids fight air pollution and to detect it where they live.

Ozone, Air Quality, and Asthma

Read here for more information about how the ozone layer's depletion and poor air quality can affect people with asthma.

Facts & Fun for Kids About Air

This printable has fun activities designed to teach kids about clean air.

What is Air Pollution?

This link has an educational video about air pollution as well as more information.

What Can You Do?

Here are a few things you can do about air pollution to help make things better for our world.

Who Needs Pollution?

This page features links as well as lesson plans about air pollution.