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About Carrier

Modern, energy-efficient HVAC systems can provide the utmost in comfort in both commercial and residential spaces. Whether you're installing a new system or are replacing a dated unit, you have many products from which to choose. Buying from a trusted, well-known manufacturer is the best way to ensure that all of your HVAC needs will be met. Consider Carrier heating and cooling solutions, which offer the best in performance, efficiency and reliability at a great cost value.

Carrier HVAC Systems for Every Application

Carrier has been providing HVAC solutions to American consumers since 1903. Innovation and dependability have been at the core of the company's values since Willis Carrier developed the first modern air conditioner in the early 20th century. Today, Carrier is a well-respected HVAC brand offering residential and commercial customers a wealth of heating and cooling products.

Carrier Comfort Solutions

Whether you're shopping for a new furnace or want to upgrade to an efficient air conditioner, you'll be able to select from a wealth of Carrier products. All Carrier air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces are designed to provide for a long operating life. When you work with a factory-authorized dealer to find a unit for your home or business, you can rest assured that you'll get the equipment that you need with the warranty that you want.

Carrier Furnaces

Residential and commercial customers can choose from three families of Carrier furnaces. Both gas and oil furnaces with high efficiency ratings are available. Keep these key specifications in mind while shopping:

  • The Infinity Series of gas furnaces offers AFUE ratings of up to 96.7 percent with a low sound level and excellent comfort features.
  • The Performance Series of gas and oil furnaces offer AFUE ratings of up to 96.7 percent with sound control and very good comfort features.
  • The Comfort Series of gas and oil furnaces offer AFUE ratings of up to 95.5 percent with sound control and basic comfort features.

Carrier Heat Pumps

Both residential and commercial customers are increasingly relying on heat pumps to take care of their heating and cooling needs. Carrier heat pumps are designed to provide the best in efficiency while allowing for uniform heating and cooling of any space. You can choose from the following heat pump systems:

  • Split-system heat pumps are designed to work with your home or business's ductwork to provide warm or cool air throughout a building. They are composed of an outside condenser and an indoor cooling coil.
  • Ductless systems provide excellent heating and cooling in buildings without ductwork. These systems are composed of a heat pump unit and one or more indoor air handling units.
  • Packaged systems include everything you need to use a heat pump in your home or business in one convenient bundle. These packages tend to offer the best cost value for consumers who need to install an entirely new heating and cooling system.

Carrier Air Conditioners

Built to last, Carrier air conditioners offer efficient service that you can rely on no matter how hot it gets outside. You can choose from a traditional AC unit to update your existing central heating and cooling system or you can choose a ductless solution that relies on air handlers. Carrier offers both split-system air conditioners, with the condenser outside the home and the cooling coil inside the home, and packaged systems, with all components located in one outside cabinet.

Choosing The Right Carrier System for Your Needs

A new HVAC system represents a significant investment. Both residential and commercial customers will find that Carrier heating and cooling devices offer maximum comfort at an optimal price. Let a factory-authorized dealer help you choose a Carrier solution for your home or business.