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About Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems

Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems dealers have a saying: “Whatever it Takes.” That means we go out of our way to satisfy every customer, every time. We provide top products and industry-leading service backed by a guarantee of dependability and quality. Bryant has more than a century of experience heating and cooling America's homes and businesses, so you can rely on your local Texas Bryant dealer to install and maintain your heating and cooling system for lasting performance. From air conditioners to furnaces and heat pumps to thermostats, Bryant has the home comfort systems to fit your space and budget.

Bryant Air Conditioners

With central air conditioners that benchmark as high as 20 with the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating, or SEER, Bryant is leading the way in helping consumers stay comfortable while conserving energy. Even in our value-priced lines, most Bryant air conditioners meet Energy Star requirements, and all of our models use the environmentally friendly, EPA-approved Puron refrigerant. Your local Bryant dealer will assess your space and consult with you to determine the best products to fit your cooling needs.

Bryant Heat Pumps

Bryant heat pumps and Hybrid Heat dual fuel systems are designed to give homeowners another way to reduce energy usage while staying comfortable all year long. Electric heat pumps use the transfer of heat from the air to efficiently cool the home in summer and warm it in winter. With a hybrid system, when outdoor temperatures drop too low for the heat pump to warm your space effectively, the gas furnace automatically takes over the heating duties. Bryant heat pumps are rated as high as 20.5 SEER for cooling and 13 on the heating efficiency scale. Many of the units qualify for Energy Star status.

Bryant Furnaces & Boilers

Bryant furnaces burn gas or oil to heat air that is forced through ductwork in the home. Boilers, on the other hand, supply radiant heat through the use of radiators in each room. Because of the affordability of fuel in Texas, many homeowners rely on furnaces for winter heat. Our ultra-efficient Evolution System Plus gas furnace is capable of achieving an amazing 97 Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE. This means that 97 percent of the fuel is converted to usable heat and only 3 percent is lost in the exhaust.

Bryant Controls, Thermostats and Indoor Air Quality

Bryant's quality heating and air conditioning systems are supported by dedicated controls and thermostats that offer flexible programming choices for homeowners. Our heating and cooling equipment also works seamlessly with the latest innovations in indoor air quality accessories, including humidifiers, air filtration units and air purifiers.

Choose a fully integrated setup with streamlined thermostat settings or go for the greatest level of control over zones, time of day temperature changes and humidity levels. Our Evolution Control thermostat even tells you when it's time to change the air filter. No matter how much or how little you prefer to interact with your HVAC system, we have the right solution.

The Bryant Difference

Contact your local Bryant dealer to find out more about our budget-friendly, high-efficiency options for residential and light commercial HVAC systems and indoor air quality accessories. Bryant furnaces, air conditioners and air quality systems are designed to be dependable for years to come. We're ready to do whatever it takes to make you more comfortable at home.